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Total Joint Replacement Program

Orthopedic appointments at MJO

At MidJersey Orthopaedics, we focus on the complete care of the patient. Our Total Joint Replacement Program centers around the individual patient’s needs and the concurring rehabilitation needed to regain mobility.

Our approach to treatment is unique because each patient is unique, and that’s why we learn each patient’s history, discuss all options, and ensure patient well-being after surgery. With zero total joint infections in 2015 and several lives changed, we’re proud of our methods and our orthopedic physicians.


If you experience shoulder pain, different treatments are available. Causes of shoulder pain can include arthritis and sports injuries. Sometimes treatments require joint replacement which can include the use of a prosthesis to regain joint mobility.


Hip pain can happen when the cartilage in the hip joint begins to wear down. Over time, small growths known as bone spurs can grow within the joint. During the surgery to replace a hip joint, your surgeon will first clear away bone spurs before installing a metal and plastic cup (known as the acetabular component) in the pelvic bone and a femoral component, which is installed in the femur (leg bone).


The knee acts as a joint and a shock-absorber, and like other joints, the knee can also develop arthritis, bone spurs, and suffer from worn cartilage. Severe knee pain over time can be a sign that the knee has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. During knee replacement, a metal femoral (thigh bone) component, a plastic tibia (shin bone) component, and a plastic patellar (knee-cap) component are used to reconstruct the knee.

For more information on joint replacement, please review our services including: knee care, hip care, and rotator-cuff and shoulder care. And, please review the individuals who make up our talented Joint Replacement Team. For more information, contact our Program Coordinator Sarah Brenly MSN, RN, ONC at 908-788-6423.

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