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Hip Joint Disorders and Treatments

Hip pain and surgery at MidJersey Orthopaedics

The hip joint is one of the most important aspects of our personal mobility, but as we age, complications concerning the hip joint can become more prevalent. Cartilage can wear down, resulting in osteoarthritis and bone spurs. If you experience pain in the hip joint, or if you have recently suffered a fall resulting in a hip fracture, the physicians at MidJersey Orthopaedics can provide comprehensive hip treatment and help you regain your mobility.

Disorders and Injuries

Injuries and disorders of the hip can restrict mobility and decrease quality of life. Pain in the hip can be caused by a variety of these disorders and injuries, but some of the more common causes of hip pain include arthritis, pinched nerves, bone disease (such as osteoporosis), and direct injuries to the hip.


  • osteoarthritis of the hip
  • inflammatory arthritis of the hip
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • tendinitis

Bone Diseases

  • osteonecrosis of the hip
  • perthes disease
  • transient osteoporosis of the hip
  • rickets

Fractures and Strains

  • hip fractures
  • pelvis fractures
  • Hip dislocation
  • hip strains
  • muscle strains in the thigh

Pinched and Compressed Nerves

  • meralgia paresthetica (burning thigh pain)
  • herniated disk
  • sciatica
  • spinal stenosis
  • bone cancer or leukemia

Other Disorders

  • greater trochanteric bursitis
  • developmental dislocation (dysplasia) of the hip (DDH)
  • femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
  • slipped capital femoral epiphysis
  • snapping hip


Depending on the specific reason for your hip pain, the physicians at MidJersey Orthopaedics will recommend a specific treatment or series of treatments. Treatments for hip pain include: medications, home exercise, physical therapy, injections, and surgery. Examples of hip surgery include the following:

  • hip arthroscopy
  • joint replacement

Find out more about Hip Treatment from the Orthopaedics connection website of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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